Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How do i remove the rear drums?

I have an 01 sunfire and im needing to change the rear brakes however i cannot remove the drums. Does anyne know how to do this on this specific model? Thanks and God bless.How do i remove the rear drums?jack rear end i would suggest jack stands , because you will have to work underneath car, there should be a plastic or rubber cap on back of hub under where brake line attaches , to wheel... you pull the caps and use a screwdriver or brake tool to loosen brake adjustersHow do i remove the rear drums?please tell me you don't have the parking break on. beyond that they should come strait off try working them back and forthHow do i remove the rear drums?there is a lip that holds the drum secure to the hub sometimes there are two holes on the face of the drum that you need to put a couple bolts in them they are threaded and turn them the same number of turns and they should pop loose spray the center of the drum with Pb blast or wd-40 first also a hevey hammer blow to the drum at the top will break it loose hope this helpsHow do i remove the rear drums?after the wheel is removed a good whack with a hammer will break them looseHow do i remove the rear drums?If the other answers fail, then apply heat to the drum around the hub. This will expand the drum and should pop off. Sometimes you still need to whack it with a hammer especially if it is pretty rusty. A propane torch for your heat source works well. A hair dryer will not work. Do not get it red hot because the heat will transfer to the hub and expand it as well. Usually about 3-5 minutes of heat works.